January, 29 2020

Six Ways to Save Money When You Move

Moving in Philadelphia

Moving costs money, no question. But there are ways to keep the costs in check, and make your life easier during and after the move. Give this list a once-over as you prepare for your move. Read the Blog

January, 14 2020

Valentine's Day Ideas for Philadelphia Residents

Philly Things to Do Philly Apartments

Philly's sidewalks, parks, cafes and galleries offer endless spots for cuddling. Use the following suggestions to plan a Valentine's Day you'll always remember. Read the Blog

December, 11 2019

Moving in Winter to Your New Philly Apartment

Philly Apartments

Philly and its suburbs are filled with colleges and universities. This makes winter an especially good moving season. Fewer renters, and certainly few students, are itching to get into apartments in t[...] Read the Blog

December, 10 2019

December Events Happening in Philly

Philly Things to Do Holidays Philadelphia

The solstice season is approaching. So, of course, Philadelphians are out and about: shopping, singing, touring grand mansions and lighting up Boathouse Row. Read the Blog

December, 01 2019

Downtown Philadelphia Apartment Living Has Its Perks

Philly Things to Do Philly Apartments

Downtown Philadelphia apartments are a wonderful way to start taking in sights, sounds and tastes in a big city that has a small town feel. Read the Blog

November, 20 2019

Winter Events in Philadelphia

Philly Things to Do Holidays Philadelphia

Philadelphians get pretty excited about the winter season, and we always enjoy walking through our city in this season of lights. Here are a few sights worthy of beholding as the solstice draws near. Read the Blog

November, 05 2019

Thanksgiving Attractions in Philly

Holidays Philadelphia

Let it snow. Bring on the singing choirs, the whirling dancers, the marching bands. Santa’s in the house so let’s get merry. Read the Blog

October, 29 2019

Ahhh! Fall in Philly

Philly Things to Do Holidays Philadelphia

Philly has so many great things to do, and here are a few of our top picks for fall. Read the Blog

October, 04 2019

Thrillers: Halloween Happenings in Philly

Philly Things to Do Holidays Philadelphia

A city haunted by Ben Franklin has to be a thrill-seeker’s delight, right? Absolutely. Here are some chilling scenes you should experience in Philly. Read the Blog

September, 10 2019

Let Freedom Ring: Scouting the Trail of Revolutionary Philly

Philly Things to Do Philadelphia Old City

Experience Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, the Betsy Ross House, and other key places to get a feel for all that connect us through the centuries. Read the Blog

September, 04 2019

Before Moving to Philadelphia, Know These Things

Philly Things to Do Philly Apartments Philadelphia rentals Summer in Philadelphia

Coming to Philadelphia? You’ll be in good company. It’s a friendly city with a fantastic location, near everything mid-Atlantic. Read the Blog

August, 26 2019

Signing a Lease? Avoid These Common Mistakes

Philadelphia rentals Leasing an Apartment

Renting means signing a legal contract, and it also means choosing your home. Well-informed decisions matter. Read the Blog