5 Terrific Sunday Brunch Options in Philly

Written by Carlyle Property Management on 06.19.19

Brunch in PhiladelphiaWeekends are perfect for brunching in Philly. Just grab a friend or six, head down to the nearest brunch joint, and settle in for a late morning (or early afternoon) filled with pancakes, waffles, omelets, lattes and Bloody Marys.

But a terrific brunch spot makes all the difference. Don't worry: Philadelphia is no stranger to great food, and there are plenty of cozy, charming brunch places nearby — like these five.

1. Little Spoon Cafe

Just down the street from Sky Park Apartments and 1612 South Street is Little Spoon Cafe, a cheerful little joint with mismatched hipster decor. Little Spoon serves breakfast and brunch all day. Choose from several different pancake options, or entice your palate with sweet or savory pancakes.

2. Rex 1516

A block away from Little Spoon is Rex 1516, which specializes in down-home Southern food. Rex 1516 feels old-timey, with distressed woodwork and old chandeliers. The menu's full of everything you'd expect out of Southern cooking, including amazing burgers and some of the city's best whiskey cocktails.

3. Green Eggs Cafe Part Dos

Part Dos? That's right: Green Eggs is so well-loved that it opened up a second branch. This one is just a block from 622 N. 2nd Street. Among other things, it offers a famous creme brulee French toast and a uniquely Philadelphia take on eggs Benedict (with a pretzel and cream cheese). In a hurry? Never fear: Green Eggs has a take-out counter, so you can enjoy brunch in the comfort of your living room. The only hard part is picking a friend to go get it.

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4. Jeannie's Deli

If you're at the Ardmore Arms, you won't even have to go far afield: Jeannie's Deli is just downstairs, and it's probably how you direct visitors to your apartment. Jeannie's is a well-loved brunch joint that's filled to the brim on weekends and serves up wholesome, delicious breakfast and brunch favorites. Their sandwiches and wraps are some of the best in town.

5. Day By Day

Around the corner from 2131 Walnut Street is Day By Day, a well-loved brunch joint that serves eggs, sandwiches, salads and other brunch favorites until well into the afternoon. Most of their meals have a hipster flair, like challah French toast with pineapple coconut sauce, or "Salad a la Stephen" with goat cheese, pine nuts and artichoke hearts.

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