March, 11 2019

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the Upper East Side

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Go out, walk up Fifth Avenue, and experience the sights and sounds of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the world. Read More

February, 19 2019

Your Guide to Midtown East, NYC

NYC Apartments NYC Things to Do Midtown East

The Ambassador East looks out over a well-maintained neighborhood on the edge of everything you love about Manhattan. Read More

February, 05 2019

Your Guide to the Best Restaurants in the Upper East Side

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Here are seven finds in Manhattan’s Upper East Side, and why they rate. Read More

May, 25 2018

Washington Square's Outdoor Art Exhibit

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A Fun Way to Spend Memorial Day Weekend   Don't have plans for Memorial Day weekend? You might consider checking out the Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit, where you can soak up a little art and c[...] Read More

May, 11 2018

Growing an Apartment Garden

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How to Grow a Garden in a City Apartment City dwellers might look at gardeners out in rural areas and be jealous – it can be a lot harder to grow plants in a small urban apartment, but it's not imposs[...] Read More

April, 20 2018

Why You Should Visit the Tribeca Film Festival

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Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in NYC Are you tired of the same themes and stories found in most mainstream movies? Have you ever considered supporting artists who are just starting out in the film i[...] Read More

April, 06 2018

Earth Day in NYC

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Fun Ways to Celebrate Earth Day in NYC The Earth Day Initiative can be enjoyed all over the country. If you're headed to New York this spring, you'll get the chance to enjoy it, too. This year, Earth [...] Read More

March, 27 2018

Broadway Shows You Don't Want to Miss

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Broadway shows are beloved by both New York City locals and tourists alike. In fact, there’s nothing quite like the splendor and excitement of seeing a live Broadway show. Yet most shows don’t hang ar[...] Read More

March, 08 2018

Women's History Month in NYC

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Women’s History Month in Manhattan: A Celebration for All In case you somehow missed it, Women’s History Month is here! Beginning on March 1 and ending on March 31, the entire month of March should be[...] Read More

February, 23 2018

Tips and Tricks to Heating Your NYC Apartment

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Stay Warm and Comfortable in Your NYC Apartment Winter is here, and with it, frigid cold and subzero temperatures. As a New Yorker, you pride yourself on your ability to take the cold. After all, it's[...] Read More

February, 08 2018

Valentine's Day in NYC

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Best Places for Romance in New York City New York is one of the most romantic cities in the world. So with Valentine's Day almost here, it's time to think about celebrating love! There are all kinds o[...] Read More

January, 05 2018

What to do at Central Park During Winter Months

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4 Winter Activities to Enjoy in Central Park One of the perks of living in Midtown is being close to Central Park and all the enjoyable activities it offers year round. Living in one of these luxury M[...] Read More