August, 21 2020

The Main Types of Apartments in NYC

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Before you start your search for a place to rent, use this guide to narrow down the apartment type and floor plan that will work best for your needs.  Read the Blog

January, 23 2020

Setting Up Utilities for Your NYC Apartment

Surviving NYC Moving in NYC

Ready to move apartments? You’ll want to know about setting up utilities. Here are a few words to the wise about seamless, NYC-specific transitions from one home to the next. Read the Blog

October, 21 2019

NYC Safety Tips: Moving Apartments in Winter

NYC Winter Moving in NYC

Planning a wintertime move to New York City? It’s totally doable, with a bit of extra planning and dry socks. Read the Blog

September, 24 2019

New York City: Just How Expensive Is It?

Renting NYC NYC Apartments Surviving NYC Moving in NYC

Established New Yorkers learn to work around some of the high costs of NYC living. Take a look at some things our long-time residents know, and hit the ground running. Read the Blog

August, 14 2019

How to Move Apartments in NYC

Moving in NYC

Moving can be hard, especially in New York City. Orchestrating the timing of all the interacting parts of a move is hard enough. What can you do to ease the actual moving? Read the Blog