How to Stay Busy in New York During Social Distancing

Written by Carlyle Property Management on 03.18.20

New York City is known for its bustling streets and attractions. But since the Covid-19 virus struck the nation, New York City is quieter than it has ever been. With many business closed and restaurants limited to take-out and delivery, it can be hard for residents to adjust to a new normal. Amidst the mayhem, there are ways that busy New Yorkers can stay safe and entertained in a time when social distancing is recommended.

Start an At-Home Workout Routine

If you're feeling a bit restless, think about finding an at-home workout routine to stick to. Try downloading a workout app and find some space in your apartment for yoga or a full-body workout. You may even consider going for a run outdoors to get some fresh air.

Tip: This is also a great way to break-up your workday if you are working remotely.

Order Take-Out 

As of Monday, March 16, 2020, the entire Tri-State area put a restriction on all restaurants and bars allowing them to only to be open for delivery and takeout. If you think of this as an excuse to stay in for the night, treat yourself to some pizza as you cozy up on the couch.

Some good takeout places near our Murray Hill Apartments include Vezzo Thin Crust Pizza, offering no delivery fee, and Sons of Thunder, offering curbside takeout.

Read a Book

With extra time to spare, this is the opportunity to hit that at-home library. Reading books that have been on your list is a great way to keep your brain active while killing time.

Don't have a book pile of your own? Although the New York Public Libraries are currently closed, there are other options. Try finding a book on tape or podcast to access from your internet at home. You can also order books online to be delivered to your door.

Break Out the Board Games

If you live with others, you’re likely social distancing together. New Yorkers usual busy lives can prevent us from having time to spend with those closest to us. Take those board games or puzzles off the shelves and spend some quality time with your roommates.

Organize Your Closet

It's a great time to start spring cleaning a little early and clear out your closet a little bit. Go through your dresser and sort through what you want to keep and what you don’t. You can take it a step further and re-organize your entire apartment. Moving furniture around can make you love your apartment all over again.

Tip: If you want a fun way to redecorate, try succulents.

Facetime a Friend

Think of The CDC's recommendations as physical distancing rather than social distancing. Humans are social beings, and need to be in contact with others. Take advantage of technology and jump on a Facetime or Skype call with some friends. If you're living in a one-bedroom apartment, social interaction is a necessity.

Find Your Next Apartment

Let Covid-19 be your only future uncertainty. If your lease is up in the summer, it's not too early to start searching. Use your extra time to look online for your next home today. 

Contact Carlyle Property Management in New York City. Call us on 212.682.7300, and find out what’s waiting in the Upper East Side, Midtown East, or Murray Hill.

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