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October, 05 2020

Best Cheap Eats in NYC

NYC Things to Do Surviving NYC

NYC is foodie heaven and world renowned for its diverse culinary scene. But it can be hard to find a place that is both delicious and doesn’t break your bank. Read the Blog

September, 09 2020

Tips for Storing Your Bike in a NYC Apartment

Renting NYC NYC Apartments Surviving NYC

In this COVID-19 pandemic atmosphere, bikes have also become new must-have to avoid large crowds and to socially distance. Read the Blog

September, 02 2020

Home Schooling Tips for New York Residents During COVID-19

NYC Schools Surviving NYC Covid-19

Raising kids is hard enough on its own, but now parents have to also be part-time educators. Read the Blog

August, 26 2020

New York Renters - These Are the Protections You Have from Eviction


What rights do you have as a renter and can you be evicted if you’re unable to pay rent? The good news for all renters is that statewide moratorium on evictions is extended until October 1st. This new[...] Read the Blog

August, 21 2020

The Main Types of Apartments in NYC

NYC Apartments Manhattan Apartments New York City Apartments for Rent Moving in NYC

Before you start your search for a place to rent, use this guide to narrow down the apartment type and floor plan that will work best for your needs.  Read the Blog

May, 31 2020

4 Tips to Maximize Space in your NYC Apartment

Design Hacks New York City Apartments for Rent

The average size of a studio apartment in New York City if 550 square feet. So how can you utilize every inch of your NYC apartment--big or small? Read the Blog

May, 19 2020

Where To Get Outside and Active In NYC During Quarantine

NYC Summer Murray Hill

Now that the warm weather has arrived, getting outside & active is more appealing than ever. Where can you safely get outside in NYC during the quarantine? Read the Blog

April, 14 2020

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your NYC Apartment

NYC Things to Do Surviving NYC Covid-19

Are you running out of things to do in your apartment during social distancing? Keep busy in your NYC apartment with these Spring cleaning tips. Read the Blog

March, 18 2020

How to Stay Busy in New York During Social Distancing

Renting NYC NYC Apartments

Since the Covid-19 virus, New York is quieter than ever. There are ways that New Yorkers can stay safe & entertained during social distancing. Read the Blog

February, 27 2020

A 24-Hour Doorman in NYC: Luxury or Necessity?

Renting NYC NYC Apartments

For New York City apartment home residents, some luxuries are really necessities. Consider the doorman. Read the Blog

February, 19 2020

Five of the Coolest NYC Museums With Free Admission

NYC Things to Do

Many museums in NYC just take optional donations and others are simply free to the public. You already know about the big museums. Here are five you might not know, specially selected for their cool f[...] Read the Blog

January, 23 2020

Setting Up Utilities for Your NYC Apartment

Surviving NYC Moving in NYC

Ready to move apartments? You’ll want to know about setting up utilities. Here are a few words to the wise about seamless, NYC-specific transitions from one home to the next. Read the Blog