A 24-Hour Doorman in NYC: Luxury or Necessity?

Written by Carlyle Property Management on 02.27.20

For New York City apartment home residents, some luxuries are really necessities. Consider the doorman.

Someone who’s always on the lookout gives New Yorkers a priceless sense of security as well as convenience. Here's why both matter.

Safety at Home

New Yorkers want to walk in and out of their front doors without someone they don’t know following behind. A great staffer at the helm makes life convenient for the apartment home community, and inconvenient for anyone who’d otherwise bother people at their homes. Unexpected guests won’t be able to trot upstairs. A doorman checks them out and announces them, so residents have control over their peace and safety. 

Peace of mind, in New York, is essential. 

Friendly Support 

As for the convenience factor, whenever you’re having visitors over, just let the doorman know, and your invited friends will have access. All the proper communication is handled.

A doorman can help you with deliveries and luggage, and if you have disabilities, an injury, or a health condition the doorman can really save the day. Some residents are able to live independently because they have access to this extra pair of hands – whether to help them out of a Lyft ride and into their building, to lend a hand with groceries, or to make sure help is on the way if it’s ever needed.

At Carlyle Property Management, we consider a doorman as a 24/7 friend, making sure things are going OK for every resident. We hire concierge and door staff who care about people, and become integral members of our communities.

Getting What You Pay For

Choosing a luxury apartment with front door staff typically adds a few hundred dollars a month when rent and holiday tips are taken into account. It’s significant, so it’s important that the staff is vigilant, respectful, and professional. 

Plenty of NYC apartments advertise themselves as having door services, yet are staffed by people who are less than attentive. But diligent door service is indispensable. At Carlyle, we take it seriously. 

It’s also important that the door service you receive is truly 24/7, and that the staffing is sufficient to ensure you have actual help when you need it.

Let Us Open Doors for You!

Outstanding Manhattan apartment homes like the The Wellesley, Regency Towers, and Carlton Towers, our luxury highrises overlooking Central Park and the Upper East Side, make round-the-clock door service standard. The doorman will get to know you by name, and treat your safety and comfort as priorities. 

Looking at Manhattan’s Murray Hill? The Dryden East offers 24/7 door service, as does the Towne House, right off of Manhattan’s exclusive Park Avenue. And residents also appreciate the attentive service of their doorman at Ambassador East, our 13-story luxury building in Manhattan’s Turtle Bay. 

Ready to meet them? Let us introduce you to the dependable, friendly Carlyle staff. Call us at 212.682.7300 to set up a tour of your new NYC home.

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