August, 22 2019

New York City Labor Day Weekend Getaways

Renting NYC NYC Apartments

Labor Day weekend, the unofficial end of summer and, for many, a three-day weekend, is the the perfect time to escape New York City for a quick getaway. Whether you're keen on one last beach day, a we[...] Read More

August, 14 2019

How to Move Apartments in NYC

Moving in NYC

Moving can be hard, especially if it must happen in a hurry. A lot of things happen in a hurry in New York City. Read More

August, 12 2019

Rent-Stabilized vs. Rent-Controlled NYC Apartments

New York City Apartments for Rent

Renting is famously expensive in New York City. At the same time, the state and city governments have made a concerted effort to ensure affordability in the nation's largest city. So, New York City ha[...] Read More

July, 29 2019

NYC Rent: Can I Afford It?

Renting NYC NYC Apartments

No doubt about it. New York City is expensive. Know much rent you can afford, and keep your finances healthy. Read More

July, 12 2019

I’ll Take Manhattan—But How Did It Get That Name?

NYC Apartments New York City Apartments for Rent

New York City was, for a very long time, simply Manhattan Island. The name Manhattan first appeared as Manna-hata in the log of Henry Hudson’s ship Half Moon. Hudson arrived from the Netherlands to ex[...] Read More

June, 21 2019

How to Find a Roommate in NYC

Renting NYC NYC Apartments Surviving NYC

New York City is an expensive place to live, especially for newcomers. Hoping to find a housemate to team up with? You can always trawl through the updates on Craigslist and Reddit. To get the general[...] Read More

June, 17 2019

Your Rights as NYC Renter

Renting NYC Midtown East Apartments for Rent New York City Apartments for Rent

In the now-classic joke about how to spot a good apartment building in New York City, D.L. Hughley quips: “A good building, you got a doorman. A bad building, you just got a man in a door.” Read More

May, 30 2019

What You Should Know Before Signing an Apartment Lease

Philadelphia rentals New York City Apartments for Rent Leasing an Apartment

Ready to rent?  Read More

May, 21 2019

New York Apartments: Renting vs. Buying

350 West 18th Street The Towne House Ambassador East Dryden East Regency towers Renting NYC Carlton Towers The Wellesley 144 Bleecker Street

There’s an advantage to living in New York. You’re close to all the attractions, the commute to work is easier taking the subway, and New York carries an excitement that both residents and visitors fe[...] Read More

May, 21 2019

Should You Use a Broker to Find an NYC Apartment?

NYC Apartments Surviving NYC New York City Apartments for Rent

If you’re coming to New York City from out of town, you might be baffled to find so many apartments represented by brokers—real estate agents who charge the renter a substantial fee for signing an agr[...] Read More

May, 09 2019

How to Keep Cool in NYC — Without Air Conditioning

New York City Apartments for Rent NYC Summer

Summer’s coming! It’s a sweet season in New York City, and sweeter still if you have a few good tips to keep the energy bills down.   Read More

May, 01 2019

Discover Why The Wellesley Is Among the Top NYC Rentals

Renting NYC NYC Apartments The Wellesley

Apartments in NYC that are near Central Park are among the most coveted. Fortunately, buildings such as The Wellesley, Carlton Towers, Regency Towers and Ambassador East deliver on the proximity count[...] Read More